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Lady In Black

By Craig Lynn Clyde

IUniverse  March 10, 2003

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Black-AKA-First-Dance/dp/0595264522/

Christmas time in Seattle, Washington; a time of glittering snow, twinkling lights — and murder. It starts with a mysterious phone call, the whispered words, “First, we dance.” From there, it leads to a sexual encounter with the beautiful “lady in black.” It ends with murder. As the bodies begin to pile up, homicide detective Jake Samuels finds himself in a race against time to uncover the murderer’s identity in a killing spree that has become all too personal. With no solid leads and no apparent motive, in order to solve this deadly case, Samuels might have to be the next to dance with the lady in black.

Some books are so engrossing you have to read them from start to finish, even if it means staying up all night. Craig Lynn Clyde’s LADY IN BLACK is definitely one of these books! This fast paced psychological thriller, set forth in short, delicious bursts, grabbed my attention from page one as I immediately began trying to piece together the clues to figure out the identity of the mysterious lady in black. The author’s writing style is almost hypnotizing and I found myself lured deeper and deeper into the intricacies of the story line with every turn of the page. The background info of the main character, Jake Samuels, is skillfully woven in, and the more I got to know and understand him, the more I liked him. Two parts smarts and one part good, old-fashioned luck propel him through the numerous tight spots he finds himself in throughout his investigation. The story was extremely well crafted and I admired the author’s skill in putting all of the pieces together from its opening scenes to its final, shocking conclusion. The author’s bio states that he is a screenwriter and I could easily see this story unfolding across the big screen. I really hope it happens, one day!

The only problem I had with this book was its numerous punctuation errors. I thought they stopped the flow of a plot that would otherwise move at breakneck speed. Even so, I recommend LADY IN BLACK to anyone who enjoys a tantalizing murder mystery that keeps them guessing till the very end.




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2ndChance-JamesPatterson2ND CHANCE

James Patterson with Andrew Gross

(c) 2002 Little, Brown and Company

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/2nd-Chance-Womens-Murder-Club/dp/0446696633


I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson and company, so when I came across 2ND CHANCE, the second book in the series, at a used book sale, it seemed the perfect opportunity to see for myself what the Women’s Murder Club was all about.

The story opens with a horrific tragedy – a shooting spree at a church in a low-income San Francisco neighborhood which claims the life of an eleven-year-old black girl. As homicide detective Lindsay Boxer sorts through the wreckage of what appears to be a racially-motivated hate crime, a second shooting occurs, tearing the city wide open. With the political powers that be putting pressure on the police department, Lindsay decides she is going to need a little help from her friends; Claire Washburn, the city’s medical examiner, newspaper reporter Cindy Thomas, and Jill Bernhardt, Assistant District Attorney. As these four brilliant minds begin to piece together the clues, it becomes clear that the crimes are not just a racially-motivated killing spree, but part of the chillingly calculated agenda of a madman.

I have to say that so far every good thing I have heard about the Women’s Murder Club series is true. The premise is delightful – a city’s best and brightest women working together to get the job done. But far from being Superwomen, Patterson shows his readers just enough of the girls’ private lives and struggles to make them endearing and most of all, utterly human. The chapters are short and sharp, with most under five pages in length, making for quick and easy reading and adding greatly to the aura of suspense. 2ND CHANCE is a nail-biter if ever there was one!

I look forward to experiencing the rest of this wonderful series.

— Honeybee


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bookofthedeadBook of the Dead

By Patricia Cornwell

Berkley Reprint Edition 2008

ISBN: 978-0425216255

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Book-Dead-Scarpetta-Patricia-Cornwell/dp/042521625X


The nude, mutilated body of US tennis star, Drew Martin is found in Rome and forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta and her lover, former FBI agent, Benton Wesley are asked to consult. Contradictory evidence leaves both them and the Italian authorities stumped. Back in South Carolina where Scarpetta has started over with a private forensic pathology practice, the abused body of a young boy is found in a marsh. But the bodies don’t stop there. A wealthy woman is murdered in her beach home and clues begin linking the murders to a single killer with a possible connection to Scarpetta’s old nemesis, Dr. Marilyn Self.


Psycho psychiatrist, Dr. Self is out to destroy Scarpetta, nothing new there, but this time she uses Scarpetta’s colleague, Pete Marino, to get the job done. Marino’s long time delusions of a relationship between himself and Scarpetta are dashed when she returns from Rome sporting an engagement ring from Wesley. Although never encouraged by Scarpetta, Marino sees this engagement as a personal rejection and creates his own personal hell. Consumed by jealousy, drunk and enraged, he makes a brutal mistake that he may never recover from.


I wanted badly to be able to give Book of the Dead a five shoe rating, but unfortunately this, the fifteenth in the Scarpetta series, just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t have the emotional depth of the others. The characters seem deflated and although the killer was as deadly as any, he too seemed wanting. The mystery surrounding the murders was an interesting one. It managed to catch and hold my attention, as I tried to solve it and I was intrigued as well as saddened by Marino’s plummet to the dark side. I also enjoyed the differing points of view, although I realize many readers don’t. I felt the ending was rushed, as if the author suddenly realized the book was going on too long and had to wrap it up in a couple of pages. If you’ve read the other books in the Scarpetta series, then I recommend reading this one. If not, I suggest you start with the first one.







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